The Great Recession

This is  a modern approach to macro economics after the Great Depression , the inflation surge in the seventees and The Great Recession triggered by the housing bubble, the financial leverage and the government deficits since 2007.

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25.04.2014 17:11Hans.Rother
What kind of questions will you address?
25.04.2014 17:18Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
First a look at the financial crisis triggering the Great Recession will give carefully layouts of the facts and how they evolved introducing the concepts of leverage and balance sheet needed to understand the technical aspects.
25.04.2014 22:06Helmut.Schlephorst
Will you only include the short run or also go into the medium term and even the long run aspects of the problem?
25.04.2014 22:12Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
A long term approach will be the standard, the short run fluctuation the exception that causes the problem. However, long term systematic is needed to understand the pertinent nature of the problem
25.04.2014 22:56Klaus.Bruennler
One of the reasons why the economy goes into a recession is becauce of the central banks policies to reduce inflation.
26.04.2014 20:20Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
Not only the anti inflation policy but also the budget deficit reduction and the governemt debt reduction are able to trigger a recession or to worse the ongoing one. We will discuss this in great detail using the recent experience in several countries.
06.05.2014 17:18Helmut.Schlephorst
auch unverständlich