Kick-off meeting


On the 25th of April Futurebook was kicked off in Maintal, Germany

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25.04.2014 17:20Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
Who was kicked?
25.04.2014 17:35Hans.Rother
The whole modelsystem is now running on a virtual machine. Thats the kick
28.04.2014 18:58Hans.Rother
Who wants the virtual machine installed?
25.04.2014 17:38Helmut.Schlephorst
Dass Lamm Gottes war sehr gut. Due to the new technology.
28.04.2014 18:57Hans.Rother
By 63 degrees celcius, thanks to the new technology
25.04.2014 22:34Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
Nothing will ever be the same
28.04.2014 19:00Hans.Rother
I do not see the login on the home page
26.04.2014 22:12Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
News, Quags, Trends and Polls are working. Basic articles added to Quag (see income distibutin) work. It´s a great day!
28.04.2014 19:32Hans.Rother
Indeed a great step ahead. What about the predictions?
28.04.2014 19:28Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
The predictions section is still under construction
28.04.2014 19:31Hans.Rother
The predictions need a full integration with the virtual machines. Not for tomorrow, sorry