Income Distribution

The unequal distribution of income in the OECD countries and the lack of justice

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2014-04-26 21:15
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26.04.2014 21:29Helmut.Mischke
Within OECD countries Germany has the biggest distance between average wealth and median wealth.
26.04.2014 21:31Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
Do you have an article with data? Can you upload it ?
27.04.2014 10:05Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
Thank you. I have uploaded your article as a base page and linked it to this quag. See top let side on the quag page.
27.04.2014 10:07Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
You can format the uploaded article in the ususal way. See Einkommesungleichheit