Financial Markets

The financial markets to explain the equilibrium between savings and investment

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2014-04-26 10:15
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26.04.2014 10:29Hans.Rother
What do you mean by savings?
26.04.2014 10:31Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
The difference between national income and consumption (consumer and governement). A national income definition, not financial savings. I schould have used the reply option. To follow the threat Savings. Sorry
28.04.2014 19:15Hans.Rother
I will have to be guided in this field. I used the reply button. It works OK
26.04.2014 10:38Helmut.Schlephorst
Do you mean: Y =C + G + I + E - Z with Y = income = output = sum of value added; C = Consumer Expenditures; G = GovernementExpenditures; I = Investment in equipment, structures and inventories; E = Exports; Z = Imports; And Savings (S) = Y - C - G -(E -Z)
28.04.2014 19:16Hans.Rother
Is this the same for every country?
28.04.2014 19:41Dirk.Vanwynsberghe
06.05.2014 17:04Helmut.Schlephorst
blb bla bla
06.05.2014 17:05Helmut.Schlephorst
blöder Kommentar!
06.05.2014 17:13Helmut.Mischke
Saublöder Kommentar
06.05.2014 17:15Helmut.Mischke